Springtime has arrived here at our Newton Collision Center! Springtime is a time of opportunity and rebirth. It is no coincidence that the Spring an important time in religious celebrations such as the Easter rebirth in Christianity and Passover in Judaism.

March 20th has come and gone, and here at our Needham Auto Body the massive snow mountains have diminished, we can see a few patches of grass, and the birds are starting to chirp providing the promise of the Summer to come.

The Spring is the perfect time to give your car a new wash. Of course you can always bring your car to our Needham Car Wash for a quick fix but we know that washing your own car provides the reward of a job well done.

Here are 5 Springtime Car Wash Tips to get your New Camaro or Mustang ready to roll out of the garage and onto the Massachusetts roadways. 

1.) Make sure your vehicle is cool to the touch prior to washing. If the exterior is too warm, the soap suds will dry too quickly and leave a residue on the finish.

2.) Make sure to use a quality car wash mitt or sponge when washing to avoid scratching the surface of your vehicle.

3.) Keep a separate mitt, sponge, or cleaning device for your rims and wheels because these areas of the vehicle can be filled with debris and brake dust that can ruin your finish.

4.) On the interior consider using a toothbrush to remove dirt that becomes lodged in hard to reach areas of the cars upholstery and door panels.

5.) Wipe down your interior with a damp cloth and skip the Armor All because it can actually attract and hold more dust.

Our Newton Collision Center wants to welcome you to Spring. Now break out the new wheels, get outside and enjoy it! The first day of Fall is September 23rd this year!

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