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5 Tips To Improve Your Fuel Economy

Fuel costs have steadily increased over the past few decades and have slowly become a major part of American's monthly budget. Like the cost of food, the national debt, and taxes it seems that fuel costs will continue to rise indefinitely.  In this article, the Muzi Collision Center in Needham, MA shares 5 tips that can help save you and your family at the pump.


By making sure that your tires are at the optimal pressure you will decrease friction and improve your fuel economy. Improperly inflated tires can decrease your efficiency by 3%. It may not seem like much, but over the course of the year it can substantially increase costs.

In colder states such as Massachusetts and New Hampshire you have to be especially vigilant in the winter months. Our Needham Collision Center recommends that you check your tires monthly because, in the colder months, you can lose up to 1 PSI of air due to thermal contraction. Make sure that you check your driver's manual and keep your tires at the optimal PSI for optimal fuel economy.


This is another tip that can really help improve your MPGs. By adding a synthetic oil additive to your engine when you chance your oil you will lower the viscosity of your oil making it easier for the engine to pump. This can improve your fuel economy upwards of 15%!


This is really not meant to be a flippant tip. There are so many green vehicles now that have excellent fuel economy, there is very little need to drive a car that guzzles fuel. From the Toyota Prius to the Ford Fusion Energi to the BMW i3 and i8 to the new 2015 Ford F-150 with Ecoboost and Aluminum Body, all manufacturers are improving fuel economy to meet the increasingly more rigorous CAFE standards. You will be amazed that little electricity and innovation can save you upwards of 50%.


By reigning in some of your bad driving habits you can greatly improve your fuel economy. A few simple things: slow down - driving over 50 MPH can greatly decrease fuel economy. So by decreasing your speed, moderating your acceleration, avoiding excessive braking or idling, and utilizing cruise control you can be sure to have the best possible fuel economy in any vehicle.


Our Needham Collision Center recommends ditching any unnecessary cargo, especially on longer trips. Every 100lbs over cargo can actually decrease your fuel economy 1-2%. So try to limit what you carry in your vehicle to what is absolutely necessary. Also, be sure to remove those roof racks when you are not using them. They can decrease your fuel economy another 2-3%.  We know that they are great for roadtrips and great during ski season but they really are doing nothing for your MPGs.

So that is it! Follow these few tips from Muzi Collision Center and you will be saving big at the pump in no time. Our Needham Collision Center is conveniently located off Route 95 at Exit 19B in Needham, Massachusetts and you can visit us online at:

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